Caroline Ellison Net Worth, Career, Education, and Many More

Caroline Ellison’s wealth is projected to be approximately $7 million as of 2023. Her financial situation took a significant hit following the downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency realm. Before this event, Caroline Ellison’s net worth had reached $15 million. The Stanford alumna was rumored to have had intermittent romantic involvements with the now-disgraced founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried.

According to reports, the duo and their team lived in a luxurious Bahamas mansion, using it as their business base.

Caroline Ellison’s involvement as the co-CEO of Alameda was a source of substantial wealth. Allegedly, she received a portion of the funds acquired from users’ deposits, which were supposedly redirected by Sam. Credible sources suggest that Caroline Ellison invested these funds into stocks, thereby bolstering her overall net worth.

Following a series of manipulations, FTX lost its standing as a prominent player in the industry. The downturn impacted Alameda Research, sparking lawsuits against Caroline Ellison, Sam Bankman-Fried, Gary Wang, and other crypto network members.

Amid legal actions, SBF publicly shared Ellison’s private diary without her permission. This move has been met with widespread criticism from the cryptocurrency community. In July 2023, legal authorities moved to revoke SBF’s $250 million bail for disclosing confidential documents without consent.

Caroline Ellison’s Age & Early Years

Born in November 1994, in Boston, Ellison’s upbringing took place in the nearby suburbs of Cambridge and Newton. She is 28 years old. She is the oldest of Glenn and Sara Fisher Ellison’s three daughters, both of whom are economists at MIT. Ellison’s early religious upbringing was within the Catholic faith. 

Growing up, she and her siblings were exposed to economics, with her even mastering Bayesian statistics in primary school. At 8 years old, she gifted her father a study on stuffed animal prices, revealing her early passion for economic analysis.


During her time at Bigelow Middle School. Ellison and her younger sister Anna actively participated in the school’s math team under their father’s guidance. In 2008, she achieved top honors in the American Mathematics Competitions. 

During her time at Newton North High School, she represented the United States at the 2011 International Linguistics Olympiad, receiving an honorable mention and being recognized for the “best solution.”

During high school, Ellison captained her team in the Greater Boston Math League and competed in the Math Prize for Girls. Her successes earned her a spot in the MIT PRIMES program, and she graduated in 2012 with a National Merit Scholarship.

Subsequently, Ellison pursued her education at Stanford University, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 2016. While at Stanford, she was consistently within the top 500 participants in the prestigious Putnam Competitions of 2013, 2014, and 2015. 

It was during her freshman year that Ellison’s interest in effective altruism, a data-driven philanthropic movement, blossomed. She actively engaged in this pursuit by joining Stanford’s effective Altruism club, even serving as its vice president.


Amid the ever-changing finance and crypto scene, Caroline Ellison’s path showcases ambition, expertise, and innovation. Starting in quantitative trading and now leading at Alameda Research, her journey sheds light on finance, technology, and altruism convergence.

Early Beginnings in Quantitative Trading

Caroline Ellison’s career story unfolds against the backdrop of her academic journey at Stanford University. During her tenure, she entered quantitative trading, interning at Jane Street, a prestigious proprietary trading firm in the heart of New York City. These early experiences laid the foundation for what was to come.

The Alameda Adventure

In September 2016, Ellison became an equities trader at Jane Street, diving into the realm of financial markets.

The turning point arrived in February 2018 when she met Sam Bankman-Fried, a mentor and a co-founder of Alameda Research. Their mutual passion for effective altruism, focused on creating impactful change, formed a bond that reshaped her career trajectory.

Taking a new path, Ellison embraced an offer from Alameda Research, a crypto hedge fund co-founded by Bankman-Fried. Her passion for crypto arbitrage and commitment to charitable giving fueled this shift in her career. Her deep experience and skill set positioned her as a standout member of the team.

Co-CEO to Sole CEO

Ellison’s ascendancy within Alameda Research showcases her leadership acumen. Progressing within the team, she became co-CEO in October 2021 alongside Sam Trabucco. When he left in August 2022, she became sole CEO, establishing her impact and direction within the organization.

Addressing Challenges and Transparency

In the complex realm of finance and cryptocurrency, challenges are inevitable. In November 2022, concerns surfaced regarding Alameda Research’s balance sheet and its relationship with FTX. Ellison responded with transparency, clarifying that the balance sheet released was just a portion of the firm’s assets. She emphasized that the company held more than $10 billion in additional assets.

However, challenges extended beyond balance sheets. Anonymous sources reported that Ellison, along with other FTX executives, acknowledged using customer funds to support Alameda in fulfilling its obligations. This revelation underscored the complexities inherent in the industry.

Legal Proceedings 

By December 2022, Ellison had engaged Stephanie Avakian from the legal firm WilmerHale to act as her lead attorney. On December 18, Ellison entered a plea of guilty in the Southern District of New York. The charges included wire fraud conspiracy related to FTX customers, wire fraud conspiracy with Alameda Research lenders, commodities fraud conspiracy, securities fraud conspiracy, and money laundering conspiracy.

On the same day, Gary Wang, co-founder of FTX, also pleaded guilty to various charges. A transcript from her plea hearing, unveiled on December 23, laid bare her admission before Judge Ronnie Abrams. In the confession, Ellison admitted her involvement in embezzling billions from FTX customers and misleading investors and lenders. She revealed that Sam Bankman-Fried and other FTX executives had secretly received billions in loans from Alameda Research during the hearing before Judge Abrams.


  • What was the role of Caroline Ellison in Alameda before the crisis?

Caroline Ellison served as the co-CEO of the firm prior to its collapse.

  • What’s the 2023 net worth of Caroline Ellison?

According to our estimates, the net worth of Caroline Ellison has fallen from $15 million to $7 million amid the FTX-Alameda meltdown.

  • Has Caroline Ellison pleaded guilty to the charges leveled against her by the U.S. authorities?

Yes. Caroline Ellison has pleaded guilty to the charges. She is now cooperating with investigators to unravel the mystery behind the crisis.

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