Welcome to Doujindesu.co.uk, where creativity meets social interaction! Our disclaimer is a living document, subject to updates whenever conditions change or when necessary. By engaging with our site, you Warmly accept the latest version of these terms. We advise you to revisit them from time to time to stay informed.

At Doujindesu, we cherish the rights of our users and non-users and try to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. You are asked to refrain from engaging in the following activities to maintain this peaceful environment:

  • Commercial Use: You must obtain our permission before commercially copying or using our data.
  • Interaction Liability: While using Doujindesu, we cannot be held accountable for any incidents during your interactions with other users.
  • Personal Use Only: The information we provided is completely planned for personal use; any other use is forbidden.
  • Respect Website Integrity: Do not attempt to circumvent any website aspects that prevent you from accessing or utilizing the provided data.
  • Prohibited Content: We strictly prohibit uploading or sharing content promoting hate speech, violence, or harassment.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure that you provide genuine contact information while registering to use Doujindesu.
  • Security Measures: Do not try to bypass any security measures implemented on our website.
  • Legal Compliance: The data available on our site must not be used to facilitate any illegal activities.
  • Respect Others’ Access: Refrain from interfering with other user’s ability to use our database.

Intellectual Property Rights

We hold the sanctity of Intellectual Property Rights in the highest regard. As you travel across our digital domain, kindly recognize and accept that the classic captured through your lens, those captivating photographs and fascinating videos, become an indelible part of Doujindesu’s creative realm. It is incumbent upon you, as the adept creator, to ensure that your artistic expressions do not unwittingly stamp upon the sacred rights of any astute third party.

Moreover, let it resound with extreme clarity that any daring act of uploading illicit content onto our cherished platform is an absolute forbidden. Our virtuous mission categorically denounces the dissemination of any immoral or unlawful material, reserving the virtual complete circle for the proliferation of virtuous and lawful creations.

As you embark upon this excited journey of natural creativity, it is incumbent upon you to navigate the undulating seas of our scrupulously composed Terms and Conditions and supple Privacy Policy. These solemnly binding documents Impeccably administered the artful acquisition, employment, and guardianship of your data, such as the splendid description you answer to, the fleeting email address you inhabit, and the exquisite numerical combinations that bound us telephonically. You thus entrust your delicate essence into the protective embrace of our digital abode.

Changes to These Terms of Services

Our commitment to improvement and growth may lead to occasional changes in these Terms of Service. Rest assured that any modifications made will be effective immediately. Thus, we encourage you to check back to stay informed about updates periodically.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure at Doujindesu.co.uk! Let’s build a vibrant and respectful community fostering creativity and inclusivity together.

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